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lily-of-the-field Full Moon in Pisces: The Lilies of the Field

Each year when the Full Moon falls in Pisces, we’re asked to reacquaint ourselves with the value of retreat. Work, itineraries, and striving to become better, faster, and more accomplished, dominate our consciousness while the Sun moves through diligent Virgo. But overwork can lead us down wearying and unproductive paths….


astrologyreadings5Whether you’re looking for guidance to help you navigate rough waters, inspiration to reach for your most treasured goals, or just want to give yourself a treat, nothing beats having someone talk about you! I’ll consult your birth chart, progressions, and transits to help you gain perspective on the present and to explore the rich territory and major goalposts that lie ahead.

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mars-for-womenLECTURE RECORDING: Mars and Women: A woman’s field guide to the warrior planet  Do women have a different astrological relationship with Mars than men do? What role does Mars, the fanged and bloody warrior planet, play in the birth charts of the fair sex? An overwhelming majority of astrology’s devotees and astrologers’ clients are women. How can astrology help us understand and befriend our inner warriors?

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solar_return VIRGO: It’s time to order your Solar Return/Birthday report! What’s so special about your birthday? (Other than gifts, free-flowing cake, and more Facebook greetings than you can keep up with?) Astrologically, your birthday sets the tone for the entire year, until your next birthday. Within one day of your birthday each year, the Sun returns to the exact point in the sky where it stood at the time you first greeted the world. The chart for this moment, called a Solar Return chart,  is a kind of cosmic x-ray that shows us your entire year in a nutshell. Solar Return expert Mary Shea examines this important chart in this 40+ page report – only $14.95!

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astromarket_150ARTICLE: Marketing and Astrology are Not Mutually Exclusive  To a spiritual or creative mind,“marketing” sounds off-putting — too calculated, too crassly commercial. But guess what: The minute you apply for a job, ask for a date, or try to get someone to pay attention to your products and services, you’re in the marketing business!

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wedding astrologyARTICLE: Choosing Wedding Dates with Astrology  Doesn’t it stand to reason that if there is indeed “a time to every purpose under heaven,” it would make sense to align ourselves and our actions with this purpose? After all, if astrology isn’t good for this, what is it good for?

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  • Moon squares Mercury at 3:00 am, Sep.18, 2014
  • Moon sextiles Sun at 11:38 am, Sep.18, 2014
  • Moon goes void of course at
    11:38 am, Sep.18, 2014
  • Moon enters Leo at 8:10 pm, Sep.18, 2014

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