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Aquarius New Moon: Alone, Together
My crazy cousin and me, circa 1976.

Aquarius-style friendships are the mesh tank tops of relationships – loosely-knit alliances that keep us covered but let us breathe. They let us feel like a part of society without losing our independence.

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    Today's Lunar Aspects

    • Moon trines Jupiter at 3:14 pm, Feb.14, 2016
    • Moon opposes Mars at 4:14 pm, Feb.14, 2016
    • Moon squares Sun at 11:48 pm, Feb.14, 2016
    • Moon trines Venus at 2:55 am, Feb.15, 2016
    • Moon goes void of course at
      2:55 am, Feb.15, 2016
    • Moon enters Gemini at 6:36 am, Feb.15, 2016
    • Moon trines Mercury at 10:38 am, Feb.15, 2016

    Next Eclipses


    • Mar 8, 2016, 18.56 Pisces
    • 6:56 pm PST / 9:56 pm EST
    • 2:56 am GMT (Mar 9)
    • 1:56 pm AEDT (Mar 9)

    • Mar 23, 2016, 03.17 Libra
    • 5:02 am PDT / 8:02 am EDT
    • 12:02 pm GMT
    • 11:02 pm AEDT

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